Pastor Jason Mayo

Pastor Jason spent most of his childhood in Odessa, TX until 6th grade when his father began Pastoring. He began his relationship with Jesus at a very young age and felt a call to Youth Ministry at the age of 12.


Pastor Jason began ministry right after High School and has now been in Ministry for 17 years. Pastor Jason has served as Youth Pastor for 14 years and now serves Christian Center as the Executive Pastor and Co-Youth Pastor with his wife Kelli.


Pastor Jason enjoys playing golf, road/mountain biking, hunting, fishing and spending time with his wife and beautiful little girls.


When asked to describe the Christian life in 3 words; Pastor Jason uses Obedience - Determination - Integrity. Daily we must be Obedient to the voice of God and live according to His direction and not just our own desires and ideas. Without Determination we have a tendency to fade out as Christians because we face trials of many kind that can very easily distract us from our relationship with Jesus. Integrity is simply doing the right thing all the time. Something our society has taught us we don't need. Obedience, Determination and Integrity help us reflect an unperfected life striving to reflect a perfect Savior.


Pastor Jason's favorite quote: "The key to success is to be like a duck, smooth and unruffled on top while paddling furiously underneath." - Author Unknown


Pastor Jason began serving Christian Center in 2008 when he married his wife Kelli under Pastor Joe Mayo's Leadership. Pastor Jason and Kelli consider it a privilege to serve under Pastor Joe.



Contact Pastor Jason: 

Christian Center A/G | 5301 Masch Branch Krum, TX 76249 | 940-482-6585 | 

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